Today was another special day at Wesley kindergarten as today we celebrated the upcoming Dragon Boat festival with a range of games and activities based on the traditions of this unique holiday. The Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional Chinese festival that takes place each year on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. On this day we do many things, such as eat zongzi (a type of sticky rice dumpling), race dragon boats, and wear traditional clothes to commemorate Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet from ancient China. These all sound like really fun things to do, but how did we fit so much activities into just one short day at kindergarten? Well, let’s follow the pictures below and discover the 2020 Dragon Boat Festival at Wesley!



I am a king

This morning at the gate to our kindergarten, the teachers were enthusiastically greeted by all of our boys and girls wearing their beautiful traditional clothes. Once we completed our daily health checks, we had the chance to complete another tradition of the dragon boat festival for children; painting the word “King” on our forehead. The words are painted on children’s foreheads during the Dragon Boat festival to ward off evil and drive away diseases. It also keeps the mosquitos away from us!


Learning and playing

Today each class celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival with their own activities and games inside their respective classrooms. Let’s take a look! 



The children in K1A had a busy morning making special mosquito repellent bags. This crafting activity was a lot of fun and gave us something we can put in our bedrooms to keep us save from annoying mosquito bites.

After the crafting activity was done, Teacher Kathy and Teacher Xiaolu taught the K1A kids some festive dances. Look at them go!



The K1B class focused on the Dragon boat races part of the Dragon boat festival as the theme for their activities. First learning a little about the history of the festival and why we race dragon boats, then the K1B kids were ready to race their own ‘dragon boats’. The two teams raced against each other, and Teacher Xiaoyi was the drummer encouraging everyone to row as fast as they could. Well done everyone!


K2A & K2B

K2A and K2B learned about why we do the things that we do on this day. The K2Aand B teachers taught the kids why we eat zongzi and why there are dragon boat races during the Dragon boat festival.

Then they had an interesting crafting activity – using a lot of different ingredients to make a mosquito repellent bag. It will keep us safe while we sleep at night.



After learning about some of the more common traditions of the festival, K2c kids got to work making a drawing of their favourite kind zongzi filling. They were all kind of different ones from the kids, from sweet and savoury to sour and even spicy. Some strange and some more common. Great job K2C. What is your favourite filling?



K3A kids had fun learning about the Dragon boat races and how much work the teams that race them put it. They liked it so much they decided to make their own Dragon boats. Super Job!



K3B celebrated the holiday by making some zongzi of their own. They discussed the different materials that they needed and got to work making their perfect zongzi. Wow, they look so tasty!


A truly wonderful day of activities full of children’s smiles and laughter. We were delighted to be able to celebrate this special day together in the loving environment of our kindergarten. All our kids can’t wait to get home to tell their family all about the fun they had in kindergarten today. We wish everyone a happy Dragon Boat festival and hope that you have fun celebrating at home with you families. Can’t wait to see you all again after the break.