The beginning of summer has passed, the grains are becoming fuller. The roses are blooming, the cherry is red. Everything is just right! In this colorful season, after the K3 classes returned to the kindergarten, the K2 class’s kids finally returned to the “long gone” kindergarten, reunited with teachers and partners!


Today the second group of children were welcomed back to the kindergarten with lots of anticipation. How are all our friends? Did everyone get taller while we were away? 

What activities will be carried out on the first day back in kindergarten? Well let’s follow the pictures and revisit the first day back for K2 classes!


Our Principal was waiting to meet us early this morning!


Our enthusiastic PTA member helps a lot on K2’s opening day !


Ensuring health and safety is the first step to entering the kindergarten, no detail is missed in keeping us safe. From temperature check to mouth check, from disinfecting our shoe soles to disinfecting our hands – A smooth start to a happy and fun day! 


After such a long time, I can finally meet my teachers and friends again!

— I can’t believe my eyes, I found them! This is my kindergarten family. Although we still need to maintain a proper distance we can show our love to everyone in other ways. It’s okay not to hug each other, I can express my love like this….. 



“Teacher, there are new toys in our play corners!”

“Our classroom is even more beautiful than before!” 

“We are ready for our first activity!”




This speical time let us learn a lot of different things. Whether it’s not to panic in the face of the epidemic or learning to practice good hygiene habits at all times, there have been many meaningful things to take from this period.


Mom and Dad have no need to worry, we eat very well in kindergarten! Eating in kindergarten and eating at home are not the same, in kindergarten we us a partition on the tables to keep us safe from the virus! 


Our long lost beds! They are so comfortable! Let’s have sweet dreams together! 


We go to our familiar playground and get warmed up, then we play games together! Exercising makes our body stronger and healthier, then the virus won’t dare bother us! 


A day of fun activities has come to an end, 

Mom and Dad are like us, 

waiting orderly in line to leave the kindergarten. 

Let’s also praise our Moms and Dads for keeping safe.





Dear children,

Our kindergarten is once again lit up because of your return!

May you be healthy forever,

and enjoy running around our grassy lawn

with your teachers!